Welcome to the home page for the Charlotte Metro APA League. 

Everyone Can Play...Anyone Can Win!
Think you're not good enough to play in the APA? Consider this: 75% of APA members are beginner to
intermediate players, meaning you don't have to be a Pool Pro to play. And with the APA's Equalizer®
Handicap System everyone has a nearly equal chance of winning

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 American Poolplayers Association

Everyone Can Play...Anyone Can Win!

Talk to your friends, neighbors, and co-workers. You'll find that they either play in the APA or know someone who does. It'll surprise you! Clerks, secretaries, janitors, lawyers, chiropractors, doctors, waitresses, truck drivers, bank tellers, and even school teachers ... all play pool in the APA Pool League. Over one fourth of APA members are female.

 The APA is the World's Largest Amateur Pool League with more members than all other amateur leagues combined. Nationally, the APA currently boasts over 270,000 members (and growing).

Cabarrus, Gaston, Mecklenburg, Union, York
8-Ball Junior Alt, 8-Ball Ladies, 8-Ball Open, 9-Ball Junior Alt, 9-Ball Open, Masters


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April 2018
Events for the Next Month
Date Description
Apr 23 2018 5:00PM Capt/CoCapt Tournament Qualifier
Apr 24 2018 5:00PM Capt/CoCapt Tournament Qualifier
Apr 25 2018 7:00PM Capt/CoCapt Tournament FINALS
Apr 29 2018 2:00PM 2018 Summer Session Starts
Jun 1 2018 7:00PM 2018 Spring 8 Ball Cities
Jun 8 2018 7:00PM 2018 Spring 9 Ball Cities