The link below is a complete list of everyone that qualified in the 2018 Spring Session for TopGun / MVP.  The list is sorted by 8 Ball and 9 Ball qualifiers and then by LAST NAME.
We've included the check-in times.  Please check-in on time as we will not hold a spot for you.
This link is ONLY those that qualified this past Spring Session.  If you played in either the Summer 2017 or Fall 2017 TopGun Tournament and advanced to the FINALS you need to check Sunday's FINALS check-in times.

2018 Spring TopGun MVP Qualifiers 

The link below is a complete list of those players in both 8 Ball and 9 Ball that played in the Summer 2017 and Fall 2017 TopGun Tournaments and advanced to the FINALS.  The finals will be held Sunday, June 17th and the check-in times are posted as well.  Please check-in on time as we will not hold a spot for you.

2018 TopGun 8 Ball FINALS Qualifiers 

2018 TopGun 9 Ball FINALS Qualifiers 



We'd like to first congratulate all of our Summer 2017, Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 TopGun MVP Winners who came out and played in our session ending tournaments as well as all of those players who advanced to today's TopGun MVP FINALS.

After a long day of some great matches, we ended up with (6) six FINALISTS who have won a trip to Vegas in either August 2018 or April 2019 during the APA events in VEGAS!!!

Congratulations to you ALL and we'd like to also thank you all for your sportsmanship!!

Our Bracket and VEGAS winners are as follows:

8 Ball Skill Level 6-7 - Aaron Deroba
8 Ball Skill Level 4-5 - Don Perkins
8 Ball Skill Level 2-3 - Cindy Sebastian

9 Ball Skill Level 7-9 - Chris Tuten
9 Ball Skill Level 4-6 - Becca McCall
9 Ball Skill Level 1-3 - Tyrun Dacres

 Don Perkins
Cindy Sebastian
Chris Tuten
Becca McCall
Tyrun Dacres